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Our facilities


Our facilities

Green Logistics Applications manages roofed, anti-seismic facilities of 11,300 sq.m. in Ritsona and 6.000sq.m. in Larissa, with infrastructure for dry and cold cargo storage, large loading and unloading areas with electric ramps and fully equipped sorting and repacking areas.

Barcode RF systems are being used throughout all facilities for fast tracing and efficient storage of goods, as well as the FIFO-FEFO-FPFO system traceability principles.


in Ritsona


in Larissa

Another 55.000sqm are under construction

Facilities under construction

Fire detection & Suspension, 24/7 Security Patrol

We guarantee the safety of all goods.

Safety of all goods is guaranteed by top automatic fire detection and fire suppression systems in accordance with the highest standards set by the National Fire Service.

About Us

Green Logistics Applications is the 1st Greek 3rd Party Logistics company that offers dry and cold storage services using new energy efficient methods in energy autonomous facilities and with technologies that significantly reduce its overall footprint.


Greece —
70th Km Nh Athens – Lamia
Ritsona, Attica, P.O 34100

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