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Company Profile

About our company

The 1st Greek green 3PL Company

Sustainability is a one-way street in every sector of the economy. Especially, in the energy-wasting industry of Logistics, the need is greater than ever.

That is why Green Logistics Applications, as the 1st Greek green 3PL, approaches Logistics in a completely new way, with significant innovations in facilities and operating methods. 


Energy Efficient Facilities

Green Logistics Applications implements protocols for energy efficient facilities, uses tools of low environmental footprint, implements efficient waste management and recycling, takes actions towards water footprint reduction, while aiming at energy autonomy.

throughout the supply chain

Green Logistics's operational model



▹ Route Optimization▹ Local Resources & Raw Material use▹ Fuel Optimization


▹ Εco-friendly construction materials▹ Natural lighting▹ Eco-friendly light bulbs▹ Climate adaptive membranes▹ Renewable energy sources


▹ Smaller packages▹Εco-friendly wrapping materials
About Us

Green Logistics Applications is the 1st Greek 3rd Party Logistics company that offers dry and cold storage services using new energy efficient methods in energy autonomous facilities and with technologies that significantly reduce its overall footprint.


Greece —
70th Km Nh Athens – Lamia
Ritsona, Attica, P.O 34100

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